Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Current Face Cream Routine

Aloha Ladies !
Im still on the diet but im struggling because i dont seem to be losing any weight which is frustrating me. I think thats why we all tend to choose extreme diets rather than healthy ones because in 2 days you will see weight loss. Today i wanted to share with you my current face cream routine. Im currently swapping 4 face creams all the time, keep reading to see why. 

Current Face Cream Routine 
Suncream: Every morning when i wake up after cleansing my skin i put some suncream on my face especially now that we have really lovely sunny days here in Greece. This tends to be my morning facial cream...

Regular Moisturiser : I have a regular moisturiser that i use nearly every night before i go to sleep again after cleansing my face. I like to apply a moisturiser before i go to sleep because when your body sleeps it also detoxes itself. It really helps get some good moisture in my skin and especially now that its sunny in Greece my skin does tend to get a bit dryer. 

Magic Serum : Every 3 days or so i apply a different cream/serum to my face to act as a deep treatment. I use Egyptian Magic my fave which pretty much repairs my skin in all the possible ways and also gives it a beautiful glow. I apply quite a thick layer and slowly massage it in my skin 5 minutes before i lie down so none of the product comes off on my pillow. 

Acne Cream: I use my Zarcad cream anytime i feel like my skin has broke out before i go to sleep and usually when i wake up my skin is more relaxed and controlled. 

This is pretty much the four different types of creams i use according to my skins needs. The creams in the photos are the ones im currently using not necessarily the ones i recommend. At the end of the day its my night cream i tend to switch my morning cream is always stable. Please dont look at this list of creams as a huge list because it isnt really its a morning cream , a night cream and a night treatment cream (think of it as a night mask) and a problem cream i use on those bad days. 

How many creams do you use and which is your fave ?!
Kisses xo


  1. Fainontai ola toso wraia!!!

  2. thank you so much !!! eidika to egyptian magic <333

  3. Αυτή την johnson's εγω τη μισώ μου δημιουργεί σπυράκια όπως και όλα τα johnson's αλλά το egyptian magic φαίνεται τέλειο!!!

  4. Den mou evgale spirakia mexri stigmis !! Pandos apo ta proinda tous pou dokimazo autin tin periodo to cleansing milk den mou arese ...