Thursday, 4 April 2013

March Favourites 2013

Hello Girls !
Its a lovely day here in Greece, The sun is shining but the temperature isnt quite as high as i want it to be hahaha. I have just ordered my outfit from Asos for the Greek Easter which is next month and now im looking into buying maybe some cosmetics but im trying to stop myself and save up some money. See im such a good blogger. Last month i never got round to telling you my months favourites but then again there wasnt anything that really stood out to me. This month there are a few products i have been loving , for more keep reading!

March Favourites 

1. Mastic Spa After Shaving Balsam : I have just started getting into my waxing routine and this has been amazing for the aftercare part , no red bumps , no itching. 
2. Eos Mint Lip Balm : I love Eos , the lip balms shape is fab and i love the mint because it makes my lips tingle and even helps my breath smell like a mint. 
3. Mario Badescu Drying Cream : Im not really a fan of it on my face however lately i have had a few blemishes on my back so i have started applying this cream to help dry them out. There is nothing worse than wearing summer tops and having bad blemishes on your back , im just trying to solve the problem asap. 
4. Avon Heel Softener: A product that i have nearly finished , this is a new range and it makes my feet so soft. Everytime i shower i apply this on my feet instantly and then put my socks on, feels really nice . 
5. Eye Slices : A product i wasnt really fascinated by when i first tried however when the carnival season was here and i kept waking up with hangovers and have to face going out again, i would apply a facial mask and these eye pads and they made my eyes look so refreshed and awakened. 

These are my March Favourites , what where yours ?!
Kisses xo


  1. i sooooo want to try this eos lip balm!!!!

  2. Απ'όλα τα eye slices λιμπίστηκα γιατί έχω φοβερές αϋπνίες και τα μάτια μου είναι πολύ κουρασμένα. :)

  3. I'm still in LOVE with my eos Strawberry Sorbet! It has almost completely flattened now though but it's still useable x