Tuesday, 14 May 2013

April's Empties

Hello !!!
Im sure most of you will be horified at how many products i managed to finish last month. Truth be told i noticed i was going to get through a lot of products last month and so decided to collect them , take a photograph and then bin them ! I am going to mention out of the lot you will see below some of my faves and some of my neys. Enjoy !

April Empties

Loved - Avons Foot Cream , Palmolive Shower Gel and the Emu Oil Massage Oil . 
Hated - Carefree Feminine Wash , Mario Badescus Drying Cream. 

Let me know if you liked this empties post or if theres anything specific you would like a review on ! 
Thank you for reading !
Kisses xo


  1. Πω πω πολλά empties. Μ'αρέσουν πολύ αυτά τα post.

  2. Πωπω πολλά! Κι εγώ θέλω να μαζέψω κάμποσα για να κάνω ένα post!
    Μου αρέσει πολύ που γράφεις ποια σου άρεσαν και ποια όχι! :)

  3. Μόνο το μήνα Απρίλιο τελείωσες αυτά? Αυτό θα πει περιποίηση! Συμφωνώ με τη Ms. Lollipop said...

  4. Πόσα είναι; Έπεσε πολύ περιποίηση Ελπίδα νομίζω χαχα!

  5. thank you mslollipop !!!

    thalia se euxaristo poli !!!

    zoi den einai auto pou nomizeis hahaha