Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lavera Foot Cream

Hello ! 
Now that summer is nearly here and our smelly feet are constantly out , i have been making sure they are up to scratch. I have been using foot creams everytime i have come out of the shower. There are all sorts of foot creams out there for all the different problems our feet may have. I wanted to show you today a lovely foot cream i was sent by Lavera which was a brand that i didnt really know much about but have already fallen in love. 

Lavera Foot Cream with Organic Macadamia & Healing Clay 
The packaging is lovely and its waterproof which always gets bonus points for me. I love the fact that it is organic and it has green clay in. When i first read it had green clay in i wasnt really sure if it was a foot mask and what kind of results it would give my feet since normally green clay is something used to dry out any impurities. 

It really does have a pleasant fresh fragrance to it and i do feel like it protects my skin on my feet. As soon as i put this cream on i almost feel like there is an invisible layer of protection setting in. It is quickly absorbed and the healing clay helps my feet not smell as much and gets rid of the odour. At the same time the macadamia helps soften my feet which is really nice. 

I am quite embaressed to confess this but the truth is i do have smelly feet so i always make sure i am wearing foot cream or washing my feet before i go to sleep to make sure they are extra clean and smell like flowers :p. If you havent already tried this or if you are looking to find a foot cream you should try this one. 

What foot cream do you use ?! Would you like to see a post on how i pamper my feet ?!
Lots of kisses xo

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  1. could be a pinched nerve in your spine, a herniated disk putting pressure on yourspinal nerves, could be sciatica, could be faschaitis in your foot, could be stone bruises in your foot making the toes numb and also your shoes may be too tight causing this or they may not be wide enough. there should be ample room in the toe of your shoes.
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