Friday, 17 May 2013

Leona Lewis Body Shop Bronzer

Hello !!
Ever since i was sent a press release regarding Leona Lewis Body Shop range , i had my eye out on the bronzer. I liked both bronzers to start off with but when i went to the shop i found the bronzer/blusher that had pink in was like a highlighter and didnt really have much colour to it when applied to the skin. The bronzer one though that i have below i have fallen in love with...

Leona Lewis Oh Deer! Bronze 
Here in Greece it cost me 20 euro for this bronzer but i have to say it was worth it. I didnt think i would like it that much to be honest with you but when i got home and started applying it to my daily makeup routine i feel in love. It has a shimmer , it has a brown colour and it gives you that sunkissed look. Really , really nice. 

The other bronzer as mentioned above is something i would recommend to a woman who has a lighter complexion and likes something discreet. For all you tan aholics this is a MUST. The only thing that dissapoints me from this range is that it is not bigger. I would love to have seen some new lipstick shades , eyeshadows and more bronzers. 

The Three Diferent Parts of The Bronzer.

If its in your budget and you need a new bronzer go get it. I also advise you to go check out the rest of the range from Leona Lewis and start swatching in the shop to see what you like best. I also had my eye on the brush they brought out for the bronzer , hopefully soon i will get my hands on it. 

Bronzer Blended together.

Thanks so much for reading let me know if you have tried anything yet from the range and if you liked the bronzer. 
Kisses xo


  1. Faineta teleio...megeia!!!

  2. Εντάξει ζήλεψα πολύ τώρα. Με γεια. Πρέπει να το πάρω κι εγώ γιατί μου τελειώνει το bronzer μου