Monday, 17 June 2013

Beauties Factory Palette First Look

Who loves eyeshadow palettes - i certainly do. They are so easy to carry around with and to store and even to go on holiday with. Even though im the kind of girl who only wears nude colours i love having a few of these palettes in my makeup collection because they can be handy during summer when i tend to apply some colour to my eyes and for doing halloween/ mardi gras makeup. These palettes are not your usual cheap like plastic material they have on the outside. They are strong and waterproof and these ones dont have a mirror in. 

This company called Beauties Factory as mentioned above has a huge collection of palettes , everything you could dream of and you can even create your own. i chose a big palette with a total amount of 120 colours/eyeshadows which has two disks inside as you can probably see in the photograph. 

The second palette i got is a big shaped eyeshadow one that has 15 eyeshadow colours which look amazing and the great things about this palette is that it has a great range of colours that suit everyone. Bright, nudes , pastels and smokey...

What do you think girls ?! 
Would you like to see some summer tutorials with these palettes ?!
Kisses xo 


  1. ειναι τελειες!!! απο διαρκεια τι λενε;; χμμ θελω κι εγω τωρα! :)

  2. maresoun ta xromata, nomizo pos mporis na sxediasis orea looks gia to kalokairi me tetia entona xromata



  3. Φαίνονται τέλειες Ελπίδα μου. Να τις χαρείς

  4. koritsia mallon tha kanoniso na kano ena review me swatches :)