Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Johnsons Products Review

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Today im going to talk to you about some Johnsons products i have been reviewing for the past couple of weeks. I had some up and some downs with these products as you will see further down most of the products i completely finished so i could be certain of my opinion for my review. I reviewed a cleanser , face cream, a face scrub and a lip balm. Check out below for more information !!!

Johnsons Review

Johnson Face Cream : This is a night cream and it is for normal to mixed combination skin types and is classed as a night cream. This was one of the products i didnt like i found it very heavy and greasy. I like lighter creams and creams that leave you with a feeling of refreshment. I placed this on a night on my face and when i would wake up in the morning my face didnt really feel any different , other night creams tend to leave my face soft as cotton the next morning. This is not a cream i would buy if i had to recommend it to someone i would to any woman who doesnt really have any major skin problems. For young girls i feel this cream is too heavy and may cause them a greater problem. 

Johnsons Lip Balm : This was really really nice. I loved the smell of it and the texture of the product. I found this worked well and an everyday lipbalm and as a deep night treatment lipbalm. This is something i would buy again :). 

Johnsons Cleanser : This is a cleanser used to remove makeup or cleanse your skin. I found it took makeup off well but i didnt like the way it took it off. On my skin the formula felt very heavy and it almost made my skin actually sting . The formula didnt really feel skin friendly and i found you needed a lot of product to actually get your makeup off in comparison to other cleansers i have tried. I would recommend this cleanser to a younger girl who doesnt have any skin problems and doesnt really wear a lot of makeup. 

Johnsons Gentle Exfoliant Wash: Not like your usual exfoliator i would say. I feel as if it was combined with a facial wash and a very light scrub. Other exfoliators are usually just made up of the scrub where this isnt , its very different. I really liked this product for in the shower use. While i was showering and my pores where open i would massage this into my face and leave it for a minute and then rinse it off. It really did make my skin feel better after the shower. This is a great exfoliator for anyone who wants something light and quick. 

Thats all from the Johnsons review , i want to add that by the looks of things everyone has a different opinion one of my friends agrees with me yet another says their cleanser is the best she has ever tried. I hope you enjoyed these reviews and i look forward to reading your thoughts on these products !
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  1. i really like the products from johnson although i think they are more for young skin than for adults



  2. I agree younger skin but without any problematic conditions !