Friday, 26 July 2013

Macadamia No Tangle

I have never tried one of these brushes before so i was naturally really excited to try out this brush . These brushes are the latest thing in hair care and everyone is raving about them. I havent tried the tangle teezer so sadly i cant compare them two and give you a better idea however this being the first brush that claims to not tangle hair that ive tried - i cant believe what i have been missing out so long. Its absolutely great i use it on wet hair and on dry hair , my cousins who are 10 kept asking me to lend them my brush so they can brush their hair pain free (they actually now want to buy one). It really is a huge revolution in the hair industry , who would of thought no more pain when brushing hair would ever be invented. This is a great gift for anyone and even kids to help them brush their hair more often.  


  1. Κι εγώ τη λάτρεψα Ελπίδα μου. Και συγκριτικά με το Tangle teezer είναι καλύτερη κατά τη γνώμη μου.

  2. exw dokimasei mono to tangle teezer...kai m'aresei!!
    thelw na dokimasw kai autin!!!!!!!

  3. Unusual disign. I like it. Thanks for sharing.