Monday, 29 July 2013

St Tropez Gradual Tan Face Cream

This isnt what i would call fake tan i would say its more of a cream that helps enhance your tan. Many of you will be probably thinking why are you using this cream when you are tanned?! Well the answer is because usually my body is very tanned during summer and my face isnt due to the high protection i use. As you can imagine when i do my makeup i either look like i have a different body/head due to the colour difference or that i am wearing a lot of makeup due to the high amount of bronzer i have to place to make me the same colour. I use it in the morning and on the night before i go to sleep if i feel like i need enhancing a bit and i sometimes even mix it with my foundation. The cream looks just like a regular cream as you can see on the photographs - really nice i would of course buy again St Tropez is a brand that really never lets you down. 


  1. HEY i just started a new fashion Blog!if you wanna check it out thanks :)

  2. Sweetieee, I've used the St tropez gradual tan for body in medium/dark, i used the apply it at night and by the morning I was 2 shades darker !

  3. nice post

  4. yes i have the body one too anastasia :) xo