Friday, 2 August 2013

Melvita Cleansing Micellar Water

This lovely toner is travel size and i have been using these last two weeks because i had ran out of toner. It was the first time i had ever tried Melvita and i must say i am very impressed. To me it smells like something that is homemade and fresh. This product is organic and the company does not test on animals as well (double bonus). This came in a set with another two facial creams , again travel size which i have yet to try out. I usually use this toner every morning and night and usually after showering as well, its amazing how much dirt manages to come off on days im not even wearing makeup. It just goes to show you how clean the oxygen we breathe  and our skin breathes in - how clean it really is ?! There is no excuse for not wearing a toner always wipe that face clean and treat it well. This toner is for sensitive skin i use it even though i have blemish prone skin and it has caused me zero problems what so ever. Really loved this , please give it a try- ill let you know my thoughts on the creams soon...
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