Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Loafer Trend

Im super excited for this new shoe trend . Its kind of the new ballerina shoe but instead a loafer. What i like about them is that first of all they look super comfortable , warm and fashionable. Most of the loafers i have seen so far on the internet are covered in glitter and sequins. I think the designers have opted for this sparkly look so they look more feminime. I think these will look great with a pair of jeans or some new autumn harem trousers. On the top half of the body i would recommend a cute t-shirt or a plain black vest top with a suit jacket on top. I think these loafers can look great day time and night time regardless of the sparkles. So let me know girls your thoughts and which which shoes you think i should buy from the above. 
Kisses xo


  1. I love this trend! Great pics...i liked the last one!

  2. α πα πα...η κατάρα της κοντής αυτά. Συμφωνώ πως είναι πολύ κομψά, ειδικά με παντελόνι αλλά...τρία κεφάλια θα με περνάνε όλοι άμα δε βάλω το τακουνάκι μου :)