Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Body Butter Love

If you ever hear me saying i have been loving a body butter, then it must be good. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know im not the body butter/cream kind of person, im not the person who will sit for hours covering my whole body with cream. Why im like that i dont know, i guess i never got into the routine of it and i always prefer something quicker such as a spray on cream etc. This body butter however i have loved. You only need a little bit and it smells of cocoa and this company doesnt test on animals, great news right ?! This is especially good for dry skin and the scent lasts even though its not too strong, its just lovely. I always recommend buying body butters because the packaging is great for re using if youre the kind of girl who likes making DIY body scrubs all you need to do is place it in this little pot afterwards. For anyone interested in buying this product, check out the website link below and all the other fragrances they have!


  1. Εγώ που βάζω κρέμα με το κιλό νομίζω θα το λατρέψω...ωραία προϊόντα έχουν!

  2. kai i fili mou etsi einai, egw teleios to antitheto !!! kai yes you'll love it !!!