Thursday, 10 October 2013

Caprice , Yum !

When i was little i was in love with Caprice which are these chocolate 'cigarettes' as i used to call them. Living abroad in ( UK) it was hard for me to find these and i used to get anyone who was travelling to Greece or anyone who was sending me a parcel from Greece to send me these over. You can get them now in different size boxes and as far as i know there are two flavours milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The great thing about these are that they brought out a new way to eat them which i really liked and that was placing them in the freezer. During summer i tend to put the box in the freezer and have a couple to eat and then place them back in. I also use them in summer when serving ice cream or during winter with some hot chocolate and whipped cream. Yum. I dont think there exists a human being that doesnt like these chocolates. These can be found outside of Greece for anyone who lives abroad and isnt Greek and would like to try them just leave me a comment with the country you are living in and i will let you know which of your local stores sells these. 
Do you like Caprice ? If so, how do you eat them ?

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