Monday, 21 October 2013

DespinArt Handmade Jewellery

I was sent this lovely necklace by DespinArt who is a Greek blogger that makes lots of different handmade things such as candles , jewellery, soaps and the list goes on! A week or so ago if you guys remembered she interviewed me on her blog (click here if you didnt see it) afterwards she told me that she wanted to send me a piece of jewellery that would be made to fit my personality. The necklace above was made for me and it has a British flag on which symbolises the British side of me. (For any of you that didnt know im half English and half Greek). It is so cute and the best part about it was that inside the jewellery box there was a sachet that smelled divine and can be used inside your wardrobe to keep everything smelling good. Good Times !

Who likes surprises?! 
Keep an eye out soon there will be a competition were one of you will get the lucky chance to receive whatever is in this box that was made by DespinArt. 
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