Wednesday, 16 October 2013

First Look at Avon Christmas Skin Range

This Christmas range i found was ever so good and also priced really well. The designs on the products are really cute and can be suited for all ages. 
Lets take a closer look at the products!
Avon Care Glycerine Body Lotion : Smells just like the cream they normally have and is a generous 400 ml. A great gift for anyone who is a body cream lover. 

Avon Paraffin Hand Cream: Such a cute design with the reindeer and again smells like their hand creams normally smell. A great gift for older ages who tend to use a lot of hand cream. 

Avon White Lilly Bubble Bath: I loved the idea of these bubble baths however not so much the smells. This one smells really bodly of flowers , picture jasmine shower gels this kind of has the same smell. Its not really anything Christmas-y in my opinion. 

Avon Green Apple Bubble Bath: This obviously smells of green apple its much better than the other one but still isnt really one of those smells you would say i would want for my bubble bath. 

Avon Lip Balm with Vitamin E : This smells like vanilla and is really nice and small. Great gift for filling up a Christmas sock ! 



  1. Οι συσκευασίες είναι υπέροχες!!!!!!!!!!!!Τα αφρόλουτρα δεν μυρίζουν ωραία ε???Κρίμα!!

  2. simfono einai poli wraies ! ta afroloutra oxi distixos den mou arese i mirodia tous !

  3. Κρίμα για το άρωμα, φαίνονται πολύ ωραία πάντως!