Thursday, 3 October 2013

Get Tested!

A check up is something a lot of us women tend to not pay much attention too. Theres only a certain amount of us who actually make it a yearly routine to go and get checked up. Ill be happy if by the end of this post at least one of you decide to get checked up.

There are no excuses for not getting checked up. I know here in Greece during a period of time they allow women to go get tested for free and even so you could just go to the hospital as long as youre insured (even if youre not you wont pay a great amount of money). Going private is also a good option however you will have to probably pay around 50-80 euros for the visit. You decide which option suits you best. 

I wanted to share with you a video to show you the process of getting a mammogram so any of you girls who havent been before can check it out to see what it really is all about. Still not willing to go for a check up at least try to check up yourself using the image guide above. 

Get Tested Girls ...  

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