Sunday, 13 October 2013

Kozani Bargain !

So i was chatting with my friend who is a hairdresser and i asked her what shampoo she uses just out of interest. She told me that from a certain shop in town she buys a 5 litre bottle of shampoo which apparently all the hairdressers use and it only costs 9.50 euro. The brand it is by is Farcom there are three different types of bottles available one is for coloured hair (which i bought as she said it was really good) the other is for all hair types and another one which i dont remember sadly. All she does is fill up any old shampoo bottles and uses it. Now of course i was wary at first at the fact that its so cheap it might be bad for your hair but when she said hairdressers use it i was sold because everytime i get my hair washed a the hairdressers it always shiner and smells lovely. The only thing she said was that the smell of shampoo doesnt last however with a good hair mask or conditioner put on afterwards it will. 
Anyone interested to buy this product its sold in a shop in Paulou Mela in Kozani , its a shop that sells hairdressing stuff and house stuff for any more information just leave me a comment and ill explain to you. 
5 litre shampoo by Farcom only 9.50 euro. 


  1. Την έχω ακουστά αυτήν την εταιρία.. είναι καλά προϊόντα!! :)

  2. Kleo mono pou tin xrisimopioune sta komotiria ! tin empisteuomai !!

  3. Καλέ τι ωραία νέα είναι αυτά. Δεν κατάλαβα ποιο είναι το μαγαζί αλλά θα το ψάξω. :)