Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Sliced Bread by Papadopoulou

This bread came out only a few months ago and i decided to try it due to tha fact im a big fan of everything else Papadopoulou sells. I absolutely loved the bread and ever since then its usually my number one sliced bread i will opt for when at the supermarket. I personally buy the white sliced bread and what i love the most about their bread is that its soft, i really hate hard sliced bread that isnt tasty. Now let me tell you a bit more about the bread...
They have a range of sliced bread and i want to explain the different types of bread and which one you would probably prefer.

The Local Sliced Bread : This is something that is great for someone who prefers eating something that is more homemade and more thick. In this range you can find three different styles , white, brown and multi seeded. 

Classic Sliced Bread: My personal favourite as mentioned above its soooo soft and tasty and makes a great sandwich. This range comes in four different styles , white, brown , multi seeded and corn sliced bread. 

Which one is your favourite ?!

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