Saturday, 5 October 2013

Supermarket Facial Wipes

I was at the supermarket today and decided to pick up 3 different brands of facial wipes that are used to take your makeup off. Ill be the first to admit that im not a big fan of cleansing my face with these, i just dont believe they do everything they are supposed to do and should at least not be used on your face alone. The brands i picked up are Bioten (2.70 euros) , Johnsons (4.00 euro) and Pom Pom (3.22 euro). They are all for oily skin and you can find them here in Greece at your local supermarket for just under 5 euro as you can see from the prices above. 

Bioten- A personal favourite if im going to buy wipes, im going to get these. They always took my makeup off perfectly they are more skin friendly and are the cheapest. BONUS !

Johnsons- Their products in generals always have the nicest smells that are so relaxing and clean. The wipes are very big which is very good lots of room for getting rid of that makeup and as far as taking it off they passed my eyeliner test. 

Pom Pom- This is the first time i have seen these so im guessing they are new. I love the fact that they are especially for acne prone skin and that they are antiseptic. When it comes to taking makeup off they are not that good. I would recommend that you use these for cleansing skin once a day like a toner. 

I really liked all three of them each one had its good and bad points. Bioten tends to be the brand i prefer due to its cheap prices and friendly skin products. Johnsons was also very good but the most expensive out of all of them. Pom Pom was not good at taking makeup off but i do love the idea of using these during summer to wipe sweat away or in the gym so you dont get any acne .
What do you guys think?


  1. Λατρεύω τα μαντηλάκια! Τα Pom Pon όντως είναι μεγάλα και βοηθάει πολύ αυτό!

  2. I grew up using the Pom Pom ones. I have tried all the variations of them and the best are the purple with the almond oil. They are by far my favourite wipes. They leave your skin very very soft. The regular ones are ok but nothing special.
    The Johnsons are good as well but again I would say nothing special.
    I haven't tried the other brand.
    Nivea has some wipes as well which I also like because their texture is not smooth so it feels like they take more product off but they tend to dry out fast.

  3. @darcrose22 thank you for sharing your views with me :) I love pom pom wipes and the big cotton wool discs they have but these wipes just werent for taking make up off. If i buy pom pom wipes i usually buy the green ones which if im right in saying so they are for oily skin. Johnsons in general isnt a brand that is anything wow if you search my blog youll see a review i did for them i only liked the wipes. Im not a big fan of Nivea believe it or not , you should try bioten !!! xo

    @marianna megala kai oikonomika !!!

    @birch and cedar thank you :)