Friday, 18 October 2013

Travel in Style

When buying a suitcase i always opt for something that i know wont ever leave me worried incase it breaks. All my life that i have travelled back and forth from England to Greece i would always see at the end of the trip people with broken suitcases that have been ripped or the items inside were broken. Thats why i always made sure i bought a good suitcase that i splurged a bit of cash on that i knew would last. Guess what , Ive had mine since i was 17 years old and im now nearly 23. I have an Antler suitcase however i wanted to share with you a few other options for anyone looking to buy a new suitcase.

These suitcases that normally have a plastic cover are great for travelling light , they are more weekend bags. I would never recommend buying a big plastic suitcase because usually with the heavy weight and the throwing around they do at the airport they crack. 

Interested in something a little bigger , try these ! 
What do you guys think ?!


  1. τι τελεια η Marcel!!!!!!!Η δικιά μου είναι Nautica!

  2. Λάτρεψα την marcel!!!!! Η δικιά μου βαλίτσα μετά από 4 χρονάκια ταλαιπωρίας πλέον είναι κατεστραμμένη κι έτσι είμαι σε αναζήτηση νέας... Πολύ ενδιαφέρον το ποστ σου!!!! :)

  3. @beauty and the food beast to diko mou antler :)
    @anna elpizw na se voithisa sto search sou ligaki :) xo