Thursday, 28 November 2013

A closer look at the Decleor BB Cream

Ive had this sample for a while now and havent quite managed to get the chance to share my thoughts with you guys. This lovely sample of the BB cream is only 10 ml however by the looks of things you can get a generous three applications out of it. It has SPF15 which is great for all year around and has no parabens. This BB cream says it helps your skin stay moisturised for 24hours and that you apply it in the morning after cleansing your face. 

Its suitable for all skin types and most skin tones. The colour of this BB cream adapts to your face accordingly so it brings out the closest possible match. Its basically like applying your daily moisturiser just with makeup in it instead. It has the most beautiful smell ever , it smells like citrus but its very fresh. The colour i was shocked with as well , it literally adapted to my skin tone. A lot of people have commented on this cream and mentioned it has great coverage, i dont agree with that i think it helps even out your skin tone and moisturise , not cover as well. This is great for anyone who has clear beautiful skin in my opinion that is not problematic and its also great for summer time because we tend to not wear heavy foundation due to the hot weather conditions and the lovely tan we get. Do go to your local counter and test it out !!


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  1. Thanks for the post, there's so many bb creams and cc creams now, but some are amaze I love decleor xx