Tuesday, 26 November 2013

British Corner Shop - A taste of England.

As a half British girl who lived in England half of her life, i know what it feels like to crave something or to miss something i just cant get in the country im currently residing in. When i went to Zakinthos this summer it was like food heaven for me because of all the British people that visit every year everything was British. I stocked up on some of my favourite foods and then came back home and craved certain things again. 

British Corner Shop is a store that provides residents who live outside the UK with British food, magazines, cosmetics and so on. The great thing about these guys is that they can send you liquids which most people cant. You can get fizzy drinks, alcohol, shampoo even meat and dairy which is crazy considering how strict it usually is to post over. My point is even if you had someone in the UK who can send you stuff over to your country they wouldnt be allowed to send 50% of the stuff.

My order was excellent. I ordered last week and got here today via UPS with a tracking number. The box inside was so well packaged i was shocked. They had bubble wrap around the products and on top of that they were sealed with a plastic bag. There is no way anything is breaking or leaking with these guys, they do their job right. Postage is around 12-13 pound for Greece so about 18 euro however think about it this way you can get practically anything sent to you and for example my mother who sent me a parcel much smaller than the one i got today it cost her 60 pound. You shouldnt think about delivery costs because its totally worth it. 
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  1. please tell us what you ordered, I cant tell by your picture. what is so special about them?

  2. 2 advent calenders
    2 pot noodles
    1 dr pepper
    1 minstrels
    1 pedigree dog snacks
    1 shreded wheat
    2 spaghetti hoops
    1 tomato soup
    1 rich tea biscuits

    These are all English items that are difficult to find abroad!!!