Friday, 1 November 2013

Fresh Line Athens Replenishing and Antioxidant Day Cream

So one day the courier guy arrived with a lovely smelling bag of beauty products, when i saw the brand i was super excited! Fresh Line is a brand that i have heard lots of great stuff about but never had the chance to try due to the fact they dont sell them in my town. There was a bunch of goodies sent to me but today im going to talk to you about one of them which is the facial cream. 

This cream is for normal to dry skin and even though my skin is something along the lines of combination to oily and can be acne prone this was fantastic. When i started trying this cream i was actually really poorly with the flu so my skin was terribly dried out and dull. I put some of this on and it instantly gave my skin life and moisture. 

It doesnt have a wow smell but who cares anyway and even though the products by Fresh Line can get a bit expensive they are super generous sizes with lots of product in. I love the packaging and i love the philosophy for their company. The ingredients are also super friendly for your skin which is another bonus. Really liked this cream and i would love to get a chance to try out something from their oily skin care range. 



  1. Πρέπει να είναι πολύ καλή κρέμα!! :)

  2. Πολύ καλή κρέμα πραγματικά <3

  3. kleo @ einai poli wrea :)
    @eva simfono mazi sou :) xo

  4. I like Fresh Line too!My fragrance, soap , shower gel and body cream at thiw time is from them!

  5. @ despoina its nice to know the stuff your putting on your skin and hair is good for you !!! xo