Monday, 25 November 2013

Loreal Nutri Lift Gold Review

If theres one thing i hate its foundation shopping. Why ?! Because i hate having to try to find the right colour and not knowing if it will be good when shopping online and i hate shopping in store because most of the beauty sales rep try to convince me that this foundation is my colour when it really isnt or they will try to sell me a foundation that isnt suited for me but will make them look good to the company. I just hate it. Thats why i love sampling , the last two foundations i tried i fell in love through samples. This one im going to review today i found a sample in Marie Claire and instantly fell in love with it and ordered it the same night. Heres my review. 

Ive always noticed in the past Loreal is one of the few brands that has a wide range of colours for foundations. My skin undertone is yellow due to my olive complexion which means any foundation that doesnt go a bit yellow will look wrong on me. This colour is 250 sand/sable and suits my skin perfectly. This is a great foundation for anyone who wants a more discreet/ less caked on look for their skin but still have coverage. With this foundation i dont need to wear concealer and i could get away with not wearing any powder as well as its not really oily. This foundation is an anti ageing serum and contains 6 active ingredients which give your skin and instant lift/radiance effect. As crazy as it sounds it does make my skin glow and look so nice when wearing foundation. I didnt buy this because of its anti ageing properties but because i found the colour suited me perfect and it helped my skin blend in so well with this formula as well as give it a glow! I ordered it from Feel Unique for 17.86 euro and free delivery. 

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