Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Soft Feet !

Its really important you take care of your feet. Im the kind of person who knows how to treat my own feet just to make sure they are super soft and they smell good however i do once in a blue moon go to a beautician and get a lovely pedicure done. The most basic step of having lovely feet is just keeping them moisturised and smelling good. After you have your shower make sure you apply some foot cream, massage it really well until it has completely sank into your skin. Now for the smell part i have a foot spray that i just spray on my feet after applying the cream and then i just put my socks on. Its so simple and easy that after a few days of doing this you should notice a huge difference in your feet. I usually get my foot stuff from Avon because they are cheaper and work just as good as the bigger more expensive brands.