Monday, 9 December 2013

Liquid Concealer VS Solid Concealer

 Today im going to help you guys out and show you what the difference is between these two different types of concealers.
The liquid concealer im using today is by lavera and is a natural organic liquid concealer in the shade medium and has a wand application. The stick concealer i am using by lavera doesnt have a shade number and it is organic. 

Stick (solid) concealers are used for covering up blemishes and are only suitable to cover small areas because of their heavy texture. If you try to cover a big area such as under the eyes it will be really visible because of its thickness and texture. They tend to be very difficult to blend with your foundation/skin.

Liquid concealer on the other hand is great for covering large areas of the face and super easy to use to blend within your makeup. It tends to cover dark circles, acne and blemishes however not as good as a stick concealer would.

So what do i use?! Well the Lavera stick concealer i tend to use for a certain blemish to hide any redness mostly and the liquid concealer under my eyes or to cover a few of my scars from my blemishes. I recommend you have both available in your house, they always come in handy. I have to say though that i am more of a liquid concealer girl !
What concealer girl are you ?

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