Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Christmas Sock Gift Guide

There is a lovely online shop that is called the Sockshop and as you have probably guessed by the title is has a huge range of socks to buy and many more items. Today im going to write the ultimate guide for buying socks for either her or him. I received these socks below which are for women and men. 

1)The Pringle ladies 3 Pack Sock Gift Box is a very Christmas themed due to its colours yet at the same time is great to wear other seasons as well. 
2)The heat holder socks are a smart buy for winter especially if you live in a super cold place that tends to snow a lot, they are supposedly 7 times warmer than your average sock. Sounds like heaven to me!!
3)The mens Sockshop socks in colour burst i recommend for any man who has to dress formal everyday for work purposes. They are plain black and are suprisingly quite thick and warm to make sure they have super warm feet at the most formal occasions. 
4)The mens Jeep socks pack of 3 are also nice because there a three different pairs of socks and they are great essential everyday socks that will be liked by all men. 

Gift Guide to Socks
When buying for women and men if you are not sure what kind of socks they are into then you should go and check out their drawers or take note of the kind of socks they are wearing when they go out. Some people like thick socks, others like ankle socks, patterns , plain black, knee length and so on. When it comes to men i know my boyfriend hates coloured or patterned socks he likes them to be plain black. My dad on the other hand doesnt mind crazy patterns or crazy colours he will wear them but also liked black plain formal socs for his work. Women i find are so much easier to buy for most like patterns, colourful colours and knee length socks just for the cuteness. 

If you want to play safe then buy a good pair that are pretty much plain and darker in colour. 

Something a little bit more designer...

Something a little bit more childish...

Which one do you think he or she will like then ?!

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