Thursday, 23 January 2014

Fresh Line Hand Cream, Cleanser and Toner Review

These are the last products that i havent got round to reviewing, that i was sent by Fresh Line. The hand cream i gave to my dad who always puts hand cream on and he completely finished the product and then told me his opinion. The toner and cleanser i just want you guys to have in mind that these are for dry skin and i have combination/oily blemish prone skin. With that said lets begin the reviews.

The hand cream is from the Athena series and it replenishes and nourishes your hands. For any of you who dont know this brand is organic and does not use any nasty chemicals. To apply you put it on your clean hands and massage it until it is completely absorbed by your skin. My dad didnt like the cream because of the after result. He says that he has used other creams in the past that leave his skin super soft, this cream didnt for him. At the start he says his hands were very moisturised but then afterwards they went super dry. He used this cream everyday for three months! 

The cleanser and toner are from the Athena series again and they are supposed to replenish and act as an antioxidant to the skin, may i also add they were for dry skin. If i was going to buy this set again i would buy the oily or combination range to suit my skin much better however i have to say the dry skin range did not break me out at all and was actually very gentle towards my skin. The toner i really liked and although it was a travel size bottle it lasted me soooo long. The toner really refreshed my skin after showering or after taking my makeup off. The cleanser i didnt like because it seemed to me like it was too thick, it did not break me out however this cleanser did not suit my skin and i could tell. 

Thats everything girls ! What did you girls think about this range?

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