Monday, 6 January 2014

Im Back !!!

Yes, i have been gone for a while even i was ready to give in and blog earlier than the date stated however i really wanted to give myself some resting time. The great news is that i am not the only one back but my youtube channel is as well. Why did i stop uploading videos ? It was because i had the time to film the videos but never the time to sit and edit them and then upload them. Now that i have more time on my hands i have decided i shall start uploading again, so watch out! 
My first blog post is going to be about ... 

A product i have been raving about by Erre Due.

You LITERALLY all have to go buy this. 
How would a lipstick/gloss you apply to your lips that doesnt come off all night sound? 
Truth is after i have had a few drinks i really dont trust myself re applying makeup and im not the kind of girl who would carry makeup with her. I make sure when i do my makeup it stays there, after all i want to spend the night dancing not powdering myself up in the ladies. I would only carry lipstick with me if i was wearing something that is so bright it has to be re-applied, yet it was so annoying for me because everytime i took a sip of a drink or had a cigarette the colour would come off.

102 mat lipstick by erre due and Art Deco no.10

Until i found these thanks to a good friend. These work almost like lip stains yet have so much colour they look like lipstick. I apply lipliner on my lips first to brighten the colour and to help me line my lips perfectly and then the gloss on top. WOW !! The only downside with these are that you have to apply it perfectly otherwise it will stain your skin and you will have to use makeup remover to take it off, you cant just wipe it away with your finger (trust me i tried). The other downside with this is that there are currently only four colours available and which are pretty similar to one another but apparently Erre Due is bringing some more of these out. 

104 mat lipstick by erre due and lip liner no.59 

These last me and my friend all night, im not even joking. If you follow me on Instagram ( @elpithae) if you notice the photographs of me wearing dark red, purple lipstick recently over the holidays they are from the products above. The only time these come off are if you are eating (due to the oil the food contains) and if you are kissing someone, like a peck is ok but a kiss kiss... it will start to fade- so you will have to re-apply. 

These cost 10.50 euros and the lipliners are usually 5-6 euros. 

Let me know if you have them or if you have tried them out !
Hope you all had fab holidays !!! 


  1. Δεν τα έχω δοκιμάσει ακόμα αλλά περιμένω τα νέα χρώματα! Πολύ ωραίο post!

  2. Φαίνεται υπέροχο και σου πάει τρελά!! Καλή χρονιά εύχομαι!! :)

  3. @marianna kai egw ta new xromata perimeno !!
    @ntina se euxaristo poli glukia mou :)