Sunday, 12 January 2014

Night Care Routine

Hello Girls !
My night care routine is very simple due to the fact i use a cream that is for all uses, so do keep that in mind. So to start off with below in the photograph i have all the products i will mention in this post and underneath the names to go with them so you know which is which. 

I dont cleanse my skin before going to sleep because i am a huge believer in the whole if skin is too clean you will break out. I do however use a toner mostly to take off any dirt from pollution or just any other dirt that might have built up during the day. I havent really found THE toner yet that i have become obsessed with although i have to say in the past i loved one by Elemis that came in a spray bottle, at the moment im using the one below by Fresh Line which is great by the way. Then i will apply my Egyptian Magic Cream all over my face and neck (including my eyes). This cream is an all purpose balm and is by far the best thing i have ever used ( a new review post will be coming soon). I then clean my teeth with Colgates Max Fresh Night toothpaste, its basically for better wake up breaths. 

1. Egyptian Magic 
2. Fresh Line Replenishing and Antioxidant Clarifying Toner.
3. Colgate Max Fresh Night Toothpaste.

Thats it girls! 
Plain and simple !
Is your night time routine big or is it pretty normal like myne ?


  1. Hi Elpitha,
    i love Fresh Line products. Especially their hair care goodies. Def prefer that store any time to Lush. Like how i don't get a headache when i enter Fresh Lines store.
    I haven't tried any face products yet, but this toner sounds like agreat idea. :)

    Nice to meet you. Found your blog through Fiona's Where Rainbows End Blog Hop.
    Have a lovely sunday.

  2. found your blog from Fiona's Blog hop. I used to find cleansing at night a chore but found this thing called cleanse off mitt which you cleanse your face with using just water. It's really good and I found my skin has improved so much since using it twice a day. Like you I like a quick and easy night time cleansing routine..

  3. @luchessa yes i the same im very sensitive to strong smells and also suffer from headaches that is why i tend to go for more natural, relaxing scents.
    nice to meet you too girl !! xo

    @atthebeautydesk yes i have heard lots about using mits and just water , its such a natural gentle way to cleanse your skin you can also buy exfoliating pads and use them in the same way. thanks sarah !!! xo

  4. I found your blog through the blog hop too! I take my make up off with an oil cleanser, then double cleanse, tone & moisturise. It doesn't take too long!

    Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

  5. I stopped cleansing my skin at night when I was in my twenties and found it greatly improved my complexion and reduced break out so I am chuffed all these years later to find this idea being enforced by a beauty blogger. I like the sound of the Eqypian magic cream I have never heard of it, is it easy to get?

    I found your blog through the blog hop over at Dolly Dowsie, I'm glad I did!

    (Naomi @ScienceWows)

  6. I am terrible! I have to have a wash and remove every scrap of makeup, then I cleanse, tone, serum up and then add a night product. Finally I brush my teeth time and hair. I also add a little roll-on before bed incase it's warm as I hate feeling smelly. LOL

    Found your blog through the Where Rainbows End Blog Hop :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  7. i cleanse in the morning with a milk cleanser then on the night i take my makeup of with either makeup wipes or babywipes then use my toner..

    i followed you from the dolly dowsie bloghop! would you check my blog out to and maybe follow?

  8. thanks so much girls for your lovely comments !!! ) xo