Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Philip Kingsley Hair Bible Book Review

When i have time i love reading books, especially if its a one that will just fascinate me and make me want to read it all day. This book i read a while back and it is by Philip Kingsley who just incase you dont know is a famous 'Hair Doctor' that has a client list of stars, celebrities, politicians and even royalty. Wow!

This is as the cover says a Hair Bible each chapter is based on a different topic, he helps you discover what your hair type is and if it is problematic how you should treat it and take care. There is everything you need to know about hair colouring, baby hair, the different seasons of the year and even mens hair. As i said it is a bible. Im not a hairdresser but this is my story ...

Growing up i NEVER used to look after my hair, i would straighten it without heat protector use whatever product i found and get it cut whenever i felt like it. When i got to about 18 i realised my hair was destroyed and i had to start protecting it and help it by maintaining it very healthy. I did and even though i have fine hair it couldnt get any healthier than what it is. My point is this book helped me learn so much stuff that i dont even think hairdressers know about. 

One of the things that really struck me was when he was talking about baby hair. The correct thing is actually NOT to buy baby shampoo but to water down the shampoo YOU use because the baby has the same DNA as you. The way we rub on shampoo is even wrong according to Philip Kingsley... I dont want to say anymore because i will be spoiling the book for you guys. 

Who is this book for ?!
This book is a must read for all hairdressers, thats for sure. This is great for any man or woman who maybe has scalp conditions or just wants to know how to REALLY take care of hair. This gets 5 stars of me and you can buy it HERE. 
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