Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Some New Must Have Books

When i have time i love reading new books to get either inspired by them or just to learn new things. I recommend reading to everyone its such a great way to just switch off the world and jump into a new one. I wanted to share with you today two new books i recently bought from the great Book Depository which i love because of their free delivery and their great prices. 

The yoga Bible is a great book for anyone who likes practising yoga. I used to do yoga lot by myself and i really used to feel a difference in my body straight away. This book explains yoga and it has a catalogue of different positions to practise. So whenever i have time i just try to get inspired by some of the positions in this book and do some yoga. Im also really interested in buying the Meditation Bible that is from the same range. Its a small book so its easily carried around with you the only thing i dont like is that the page cant stay open so this should have been made in a ring bider type of book, for more flexibility. 

Maria Menounos, the everygirls guide to life is an amazing book if you want to start fresh on your house, on your life or you want to change ways of living. For me personally i am looking for more ways to be even more organised and inspired. I havent read the whole book yet however so far, so good and if you dont believe me check out the reviews. The thing that really amazed me was that even though its a celebrity book its 300 pages big , i didnt expect that much effort. This book covers everything in her life , her lifestyle , her health , her exercise routine and so on. At the back of the book there is a chart which shows you how she organises her things.

Great books and great knowledge. 
Hope you girls get a chance to buy them and read them. 


  1. Very nice post, I found Maria Menounos book very interesting, will definitely buy it! Kisses!

  2. I love that book, even my husband is reading it from time to time. I go back and forth, and find some useful advice.Her videos on youtube are also great, have a look.
    Another favourite of mine are the books from Dr.Oz ( and that other dr ) The title is always you...something.
    The book about yoga, I don´t know, I can't do both, reading and yoga.

  3. @maria yes it is very interesting !!1
    @zoi thanks !!!
    @andreana thanks ill check them books out ! and i will check her videos out !