Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Bronze of Champions by Benefit

I got some pretty cool Christmas presents this year and i must say a big thank you to my best friend in UK who bought me this Benefit makeup set. She knows me so well :) .
After doing some research Benefit has brought out quite a few of these boxes, each with a different purpose. Mine for example is all about having a tan complexion or during your holidays when you are tanned a how to for makeup. Theres nothing included to do with fake tan, its all about bronzing and at the same time doing the rest of your face up to match the bronze. 

Included in the box is : 
An instruction manual that is glued onto the mirror. 
A Hoola lip gloss in Ultra Plush 
A Watts Up in Soft Focus highlighter
A Cream Creaseless eyeshadow in bikini-tini
A Longwear Powder Shadow in a brown metallic colour
A Hoola Bronzer with a Mini Brush 
A They're Real Mascara in a black colour

This is a great idea for summer in my opinion because for example i am the kind of girl who doesnt wear a lot of makeup when im on holiday and if i wear foundation i wear a tinted one or a bb cream. As i was saying for someone like me i can just take this box with me instead of carrying lots of palettes with and makeup bags because it has the basics and most important tools and colours for anyone who likes to show off their tan with a 'natural beauty' look. 

I have done this look and it is really nice and long lasting. The hoola bronzer i tend to use for contouring my cheeks and on the creaseless eyeshadow i pat some eyeshadow that is pretty much the same colour for more pigment. I really love this kit and when i go out i tend to wear this makeup no matter the occassion. 

You can see the full range HERE and the prices. 

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