Thursday, 30 January 2014

Valentines Day Must Have Nail Polishes

Taken or Single, you should always make an effort on Valentines Day and if not for him, do it for you. My plan is to give you some of my inspiration on how you should look for Valentines Day and today im going to start of with nails, just in time for you to order these nail polishes if you do actually want to purchase one. 

So which was your favourite ?
I adore the set by OPI with Minnie Mouse and i will be for sure purchasing this on payday !!


  1. Τι ομορφο άρθρο!!!!Σίγουρα κι εγώ εκείνη την ημέρα θα τα βάψω κόκκινα ή ροζ!!!!

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  3. ολα τελεια τα κοκκινακια...αλλα νομιζω οτι ξεχωρισα το ciate kit!
    Κατερινα απο Beautiful Girls

  4. @beautyand thefoodbeast kai egw !! i tha ta kano ena omorfo nude xroma me kokkines kardies :)

    @thanks sumitra

    @kittyzola einai ola iperoxa :) gt oxi tin minie mouse :( :p xo