Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Avene Cleansing Foam Review

It has been a while since i was sent this product but all you girls and companies who know me well should know that i like to completely finish a product before i review it just to make sure my review is 100% accurate. Avene is a brand here in Greece that is recommended to us by dermatologists and often given to people who suffer from acne or blemishes. I think that says a lot about the brand. 

I love mousse cleansers, why ?! Because they are the lazy solution to washing your face every morning. They are very quick because you dont need to sit for ages and rub your hands together to create foam , it is already foam so all you need to do is straight away apply it to your face. Great for anyone who always experiences rushed mornings. This cleanser is for normal to combination skin and has not broke me out in the last couple of months i have used it. It is super gentle and is maybe a great choice for any teenagers who are also suffering from oily skin and dont really wear makeup because this helps create a matt illusion, so no more shine. This is also a great family cleanser to have in the house and the great thing about it is that it lasts agesssss. I have had mine about 3 months , im not joking! There is no strong aroma and it is soap free. A cleanser i would buy and recommend again and again.


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  1. I love Avene and I'm sure this product will be no exception. Great review!