Thursday, 6 February 2014

Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Lotion

I have mixed thoughts on this product let me start off by saying that statement. This is the first time i have used anything from this Clearskin range that Avon has and it attracted me because it was on a super low price offer and im the kind of person who uses a lot of toner, so i go through lots of bottles. 

This bottle is 125 ml and i do find that it runs out quite easily , its not one of those long lasting products you will have for a month or two that last however this also depends on how frequently you apply this to your skin. I use mine usually after taking a shower, before applying some day cream or before going to sleep. What i love about this toner is that it just takes away the feeling of oily skin or dirt. If any of you girls have super oily skin this is definitely a product that you should try. The negative side of things is that i have found that it has broke me out in blemishes. During my time of the month (girls things) i will have blemishes or my skin looks terrible no matter what i do but then afterwards its calm , clear and healthy looking. This has been continuing to break me out on my face and on my back (i usually apply some toner to my back just under my neck to prevent any blemishes or dirt) and now my back has also broke out in blemishes. Im determined to finish the bottle to give it a bit more time in case it decides to start clearing my skin up and do some miracle work. So far im not that impressed :/ Check out my next empties to see whether i loved it or hated it at the end of the month.  

My question to you girls ...
Have you tried this product? If so is this part of the clearing process , is this just kind of like a detox and then things will calm down or did it break you girls out too?    


  1. such a pity...i'm using the other purple toner of ths range - i think its called blemish clearing- and i love it! i use it in the eveningt after cleansing but only when im broken out and it really helps! it containa 2 per cent salycylic acid and it dries out all the ugly spots!
    katerina from beautiful girls

  2. @ladypa I like avon too !
    @kittyzola I will try the purple one next time , I think this toner was too harsh for my skin !