Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Greek Carnival 2014

The last three days have been constant partying and dressing up, which has been so much fun. The bad thing about times like this is that when its all over you are just left with depression. Boo !! On Friday night i did more of facial art on my face with lots of colour and glitter and hair sprayed my hair red. On Saturday i dressed up like i was from the 80's the bad thing is that i dont have any photographs, when i tried to take one the flash wasnt showing my makeup. Last but not least Sunday i dressed up as a pirate along with my boyfriend who was a pirate/ Jack Sparrow. I really had fun acting like i was drunken pirate and shouting ahoy ! hahaha. 
Enjoy the photographs girls! 



  1. Loved it! Especially the last photo - you look stunning without even trying. And that red lipstick... just perfect.

  2. @marianna youre so sweet , youre making me blush ! thank you :) lipstick are by erre due mat liglosses that are mat - super good !!! xo

  3. linda :)


  4. I think I'm going to buy this one, and you're the one to blame! Looks amazing!

  5. very cool post!

    i went to the german carneval in mainz and posted some pics


  6. @marianna more colours are coming out soon apparently :)
    @lady-pa thanks !!