Sunday, 30 March 2014

Indian Healing Clay

I truly believe every country has their own beauty secret speciality and i always love trying them out. When i saw this on Iherb what straight away caught my eye was the words ''healing clay'' and of course the 4.5 star reviews and the amazing feedback people were leaving for this product. I actually expected this to be much smaller and guess what its not! Its super cheap and super good! 

The most amazing thing about this clay is the after feeling, you almost seem to get this tighter skin feeling as if you have had a facelift. Me and my boyfriends sister tried this so this whole post is based on both of our opinions. The only bad thing about this clay is that when mixed it has lumps , we tried stirring it with a fork, with our hands and even the end of a paint brush but still nothing. I think thats because it is the real deal and is just like mud. 

This masks mentions that afterwards you might get redness or irritation and that it is normal , me personally i got none my boyfriends sister told me her skin was red afterwards. Guys dont worry if you see any redness afterwards , its normal for this mask. The great thing with this mask is that you dont need a lot so it will last long and it costs only 3-4 euro. 

(before,during and after the mask... my skin glows more)

This clay claims that it helps vanish blackheads which a lot of the reviews mentioned they saw a huge improvement in their blemishes and cleanses really deep your skin. I love it and i have my boyfriends sister hooked on this who told me she wants me to order one for her now. Seriously girls go check it out!! 

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