Friday, 28 March 2014

Kyana Hairspray and Conditioner Review

Today im going to talk to you about a product i have fallen in love with and about another that didnt really fit my needs. 
Kyana Lac Herboria Max is a lovely hairspray that is ecological and has no gas. The honest truth when i first saw this i was sure i would like it because its ecological but i wasnt so sure about the lasting power. My hair is fine and easily loses its shape if you dont apply good hairspray on. My boyfriends sister sat and curled all my hair and put a normal dose of this hairspray on my hair and omg i could not believe it! All night my hair stayed the way it was styled and the great thing with this product is that it looks natural and doesnt give you that fake plastic hair look. The next day when i woke up my hair still looked freshly styled. This hair spray is a very light formula that gives great hold i recommend this to all of you girls , im really pleased with this product and im really grateful i got a chance to try this out! 

Kyana Raspberry Conditioner for all hair types i didnt feel did much for my hair. The bad thing with all hair types hair products is that its hard to cater for every persons hair because we all have different needs from our hair. My hair needs softening always so i try to buy a conditioner or a mask that helps hydrate my hair to make it super soft. I felt that with this there was no hydration and no shine provided to my hair. This product just didnt work for me , im sorry Kyana !!!

What did you girls think of these products ?

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  1. Τη λακ τη λατρεύω, το conditioner απλά μ'άρεσε, δεν είχε κάτι πολύ ιδιαίτερο. Απ'όλα ευχαριστημένη είμαι πάντως, δεν το περίμενα να είναι τόσο καλά.