Sunday, 23 March 2014

My first experience with laser bikini !

About a week or two ago i decided to go ahead and get laser done for permanent hair removal. I am sick to death of having to wax and shave everytime and especially for someone like me who lives in Greece and the beach is always there or even the swimming pools in my case. That early morning call where you are asked to go to the beach or to a local swimming pool by friends and you are last minute trying to shave or wax or whatever else everyone does. Well STOP. According to laser treatments and my doctor in 3 months time about 70% of the hair will be gone. For some girls maybe all the hairs will be gone for others you may need some extra treatments it depends all on your skin colour , your hair colour and your hormones. 

So here is my experience and my tips for any of you girls thinking about getting laser done on your bikini area. Find out from your friends a good dermatologist they go to to get their laser treatments or ask around who is the best with the best and latest laser equipment. Then go one day to discuss what it is exactly that you want done and any other questions that you may have. Book an appointment and ask about a cream called xylocream which helps numb the area for all sorts of reasons but in our case laser. A lot of you will be thinking as i was , does it hurt? What really got me confused was the fact that my tattoos have all been done without numbing cream so i was thinking how much could it really hurt - of course i wasnt going to risk it so i applied it as told. My doctor told me one hour to apply all over the area that you are getting laser done on and then 15 minutes before apply another layer. The pain was like something tweezing your hair at a fast speed (i felt that with the numbing cream) . 

There is a woman who specializes in doing the bikini laser at my doctors office, it also helps you feel more comfortable which is great news. It took about 15 minutes i would say the whole process and afterwards you feel a bit of a sting ... that kind of feeling you get once you have applied a perfumed cream on an area that has just been waxed. A lot of my friends that i talk to about this treatment tell me that they feel too shy to go obviously and take their underwear off but at the end of the day girls, these doctors are used to seeing women coming all the time and getting their bits out. Just think of the results. I also forgot to mention before you go you have to shave  3 days before and then they burn the roots of the hair and until the next appointment these hairs should slowly start falling out and then grow back in , in time for the next appointment. 

How much ? I paid 70 euro the first time i went and then the second time is free. For 3 months i will be going 6 times in total and everything should cost me about 210 euro. The xylocream costs 11-12 euro from your local chemist. My second appointment is next week so im looking forward to blogging about this whole experience and to tell you girls if it is really worth it. So far im very pleased!
Have you had laser done ?

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