Monday, 17 March 2014

Naked Urban Decay Flushed Review

I have lots of blushers and bronzers but i must say this really was a blusher that i dont regret buying and that was worth every penny that i gave. Lets first of all begin with the fact that this blusher has a bronzer, a pink blusher and a highlighter in the palette so it pretty much has three different types of makeup in one container. They are not minis either they are good generous portions of makeup which is super good because if you just want to use lets say the highlighter your makeup brush can easily fit on to just get from that product. 

The bronzer is like a contour colour its a lovely brown shade that will compliment any skin colour. The highlighter has a lovely shimmer in it which really helps tone your cheek bones etc if you notice on my photograph i have attached you can see it gives a lovely shimmer effect to my nose, cheeks and forehead. The blusher once again has a very natural look to it even though it might look like it is super bright. 

When i apply the bronzer i use my powder brush which i sweep through every colour and then depending on my makeup look i apply extra blusher or extra bronzer if needed to bring the perfect balance to my face. I absolutely adore this blusher and it is one of those products that makes me feel like i wont be needing any other blusher/bronzer because the tones are so natural that they can easily be built up for a more dramatic effect. 

Have you tried Urban Decay product ? 

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  1. είναι τέλεια την έχω και εγώ αυτήν την παλέτα και τη λατρεύω!!!