Sunday, 27 April 2014

Fresh Line Shower Gels

A couple of weeks ago a very fruity parcel arrived on my doorstep little did i know what colourful sweet thing was waiting for me.. Three super candy colourful showergels! The colours blew me away and so did that lollipop may i say!! 
Paris & Helene

The great thing about these shower gels is that they produce a lot of foam even though the ingredients are pretty kind to your skin. I have bought showergels in the past that just dont produce foam which made me feel like my body wasnt properly cleaned... The foam is great and also great for all you bath lovers all you need is a few drops of this and expect your bathroom to smell like candy afterwards. 

What really shocked me was the after feeling, as soon as i would dry up and put my clothes on my skin would still smell sweet , it was truly amazing. My cousins came over for Easter , when they wanted to have a bath they asked me to tell them which is the shampoo and which is the showergel. I showed them the Fresh Line pomegranate shower gel and another one, they instantly chose this one because of the lovely, fun smell and the colour. These are great shower gels for any kids that struggle and dislike having baths and at the same time are a healthier option for our skins. 

They all smelt wonderful and just so you know my boyfriend took the Paris and Helene one and he loved the smell and the showergel itself. He also mentioned to me that his skin didnt break out in a eczema rash on his chest like it normally does with other more chemical products. 
Do buy yourself one or at least go to your local store and smell them :) 


  1. @sianna they really are super cute :)

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