Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My second experience with laser treatment

Girls for any of you who are reading this article and are not sure what i am talking about please click here to see the first article. I have basically started hair removal on my bikini area and i am blogging my experience every visit.

So how did it go ?! Omg this time it hurt girls and it hurt a lot , so much that i had to ask the woman to stop the treatment for a while. She told me it hurts me a lot due to the fact i am naturally tanned which means my melanin is really high and harder to burn the root of the hair and thats why it hurts. ( i hope i explained this all well). My point is i had numbing cream on and i still hurt, can someone please tell me what the pain would have been like if i didnt have the numbing cream on?! 

My skin down there got burnt really bad afterwards and it looked as if the skin had been burned off rather than the hair root. Now im not sure if this is considered to be normal but the woman did tell me that i will be burned afterwards. I was really shocked this time, some patches of my bikini area had been totally burned that the skin was red and bleeding. I decided to order a cream that i knew would work wonders and that is Weleda Calendula cream. Its a cream that has been made for nappy rashes etc something like Sudocream but more herbal. I applied this all over the area after of course i had washed the area and left it to dry. It helped soothe the area really well. My appointment is next week but i am thinking about postponing it for another two weeks just to make sure the skin has healed itself really well. Last but not least the good news is hair is refusing to grow !!! :)
Thats all for now girls , please do let me know if you girls have experienced anything similar or if you have any questions. 


  1. First of all ouch! Second, I don't think burning the skin is normal! If your skin is dark and this laser cannot "see" the hairs from the skin, will it burn your skin every time?? I think you should talk to your doctor

  2. Yes girls i agree something is weird ! I am going to give it a couple of weeks until my next appointment, just to give the skin time to heal itself !

  3. Hi! I found your blog searching a review about Korres hair color and then here I am! I also have laser treatments for facial hair. I also did half my legs some years ago. The results do worth the pain. I don't know which machine your doctor uses but where I go, it was never that painful, I never had to use a numbing cream and my skin is quite dark. My daughter started laser treatments on the bikini area and as she is super sensitive, we used EMLA. I was expecting some screaming and kicking lol but nope, she was alright. To tell you the truth, I am bit warned about the bleeding and burning, this should NOT happen by any means. I strongly suggest you see a dermatologist just to take a second opinion.