Monday, 7 April 2014

Weleda Birch Set

 Even though i am not a huge believer on cellulite creams there is only one set that i will give my money for and actually believe in and that is ...
The Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil and Body Scrub.

The birch cellulite oil may say that it is for cellulite but what i love about this brand is their honesty. Underneath it mentions on both products it is used to improve skin tone and appearance - not to vanish cellulite because lets be honest girls if there was such a product im sure we would have been all cellulite free. 

I have used this set in the past and have noticed a difference in skin appearance. I absolutely love this for my thighs, bum and stomach , it is a must have for summer just to help give you that extra confidence boost. If you go to your local store that sells Weleda products they should give you a sample of the oil , do try it and then buy it if you like it. I recommend you use the body scrub everytime you shower and then once you have dried off use the oil on the areas you want to tackle as soon as you come out of the shower whilst your pores are still open from the heat. You could even use the oil as a cellophane treatment.

The oil costs 25.94 euros HERE 
The scrub costs 12.94 euros HERE


  1. Αλήθεια ε??Και ψάχνω κάτι για την κοιλίτσα!!!!

  2. kai emena maresoun ta weleda proionta polli! distixos einai pio akriba apo ta alla pou xrisimopio

    PS: des to teleuteo look mou kai pes mou tin gnomi sou!


  3. @beauty and the food beast tha sou aresei !! eimai sigouri !!
    @lady pa einai akriva ala aksizoune pisteuw !