Thursday, 24 April 2014

Why you should buy a good pair of Flip Flops

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter, i certainly did and im feeling awfully depressed now that i am back to my usual daily routine. This is what i hate about the holidays !!! The positive news is that here in Greece the weather is starting to become gradually hotter which means its time  to start getting out the flip flops. Flip Flops are a pair of a pair of shoes that i am always trying to stress to my friends and even my readers how important they are  for our feet. How many times have you heard about people falling over or even harming themselves due to bad quality flip flops  - lots of times right ? People being left in the middle of the street with a broken flip flop?

Its stories like these that should make you really consider investing in a better pair. I have some friends here in Greece , every two months they will buy a new pair, me on the other hand i buy a new pair every two years and that because i get bored of the style. Some brands i really recommend are Havaianas  and Crocs. Both of these brands aim to provide the customer with the best orthopaedic option for those long summer walks or even house chores.  

So girls tell me what do you prefer a good strong , comfortable , more expensive flip flop or a cheap, short term flip flop?



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