Thursday, 1 May 2014

Birkenstock love my feet !!

Birkenstocks are  amazing shoes that are basically made to cater for your feet. You know  in summer the shoes and sandals we tend to wear are very uncomfortable this is why i love Birkenstocks. My mam first introduced me to these when i was 17 years old and i can remember never taking them off my feet. Now the styles that they have brought out have changed drastically and are more fashionable. 

These are great for a more formal occasion teamed with a maxi dress ( comfort in disguise) and for everyday ! Birkenstocks have also a range for children which is super cute called Birkis and a range called Papillio which is a super stylish range that is combined with the latest fashion catwalk trends. 

I adore these shoes and have been buying them for the past 6 years. My opinion is get two pairs , one with a more formal style (usually with patent leather) and one that is more every day. Now that mothers day is around the corner , it really is an excellent gift for your mam! What are you waiting for , go check them out NOW !!


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