Thursday, 15 May 2014

How I store and organise my Lipsticks.

Yes , i have a lot of lipsticks and trust me i do give a lot of my cosmetics away to people close to me who dont have enough money to buy cosmetics or in general like something. Due to the fact it was getting hard to keep track of what lipsticks colours i have , i decided to make a lipstick catalogue.

On my lipstick catalogue i swatch the lipstick and write the shade colour and brand name. I have stuck this lipstick catalogue of mine on the inside of my cupboard door where i store all my cosmetics and so that it is easily viewed and doesnt take up much space. Each time im getting ready when it comes to deciding which lipstick to wear tonight i simply look at my chart and pick one.

My lipsticks are stored in a container that was part of a gift box and i have them just thrown in. Its the only way i could think of without taking much space up in my makeup storage cupboard. May i also add that because i rarely wear lipgloss i dont actually have that many , i think i might only have around 6 different ones so i have just thrown them in with my lipsticks. Everything else to do with lip products are stored separately just to make sure it doesnt get too confusing. I will show you them in another post over the next month. Keep your eyes open for my organised cosmetic storage. 
How do you store your lipsticks ?


  1. nice lipstick catalogue!!!! i like it!!!

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