Monday, 26 May 2014

Kyana Serum and Anti Frizz Spray Review

Kyana a while back had sent me some of their professional haircare products to try out. The Herboria Max range really is great and works wonders for your hair. Today im going to talk about the last two products that are left for me to review from the package i was sent a while back. 

Kyana Anti Frizz Spray is a really nice light spray that contains bamboo extract that aims to help you gain more control of your hair or faster blow drying optimum results. I absolutely love this product its very long lasting for someone who is looking to save money and gives my hair amazing texture. Sometimes and mostly now that the weather has been warmer i try to not blow dry my hair so it doesnt create more damage to my hair so instead i let it naturally dry. When i have been letting my hair naturally dry i have been spraying this product on my wet hair and it has given my hair the most amazing texture and more defining waves. Really loved this product and would re-buy.

The final product im going to talk about is the hair serum that contains citrus extract. Well first of all im going to start off by saying my hair smells great with this serum, the smell is pretty much an orange scent i would say. This serum aims to provide shine, suppleness and smoothness while keeping the volume and repairing your ends. I have used this on wet hair and dried hair and even though some serums can get a bit greasy this never was. On my wet hair i used it really mostly for the shine or to repair my ends and when i used it on my dry hair i usually used it to make my hair more lively and smoother. Once again another really good product from Kyana that is long lasting. 

Do you love Kyana products and if so which one ?

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