Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Lipcote - Does it work ?

After falling in love with Erre Due lip matte glosses that you basically apply and literally no colour comes of your lips, i decided to buy Lipcote which is around 5 euro from Feel Unique and is a clear gloss that you just put on top of whatever lipstick you want to help seal the colour. 

Lipcote is a product that has won several awards so my thoughts where at first that of course its going to work. When you first apply it over your lips it stings your lips a bit and smells of some sort of a spirit. The feeling you get afterwards reminds me of a sticky lip gloss and not so much something that has dried on your lips. I have used it on several occasions on top of my bright pink, purple lipsticks and to be honest with you i havent felt that pleased. 

I do smoke, so a great test for me is that shown on the cigarette. Did the colour mark my cigarette ? Yes it did. Did my lipstick leave colour on my glass that i was drinking from? Yes it did. Do you feel comfortable whilst wearing it ? No you dont , because it feels like a sticky lip gloss . The biggest test of all is does the product stay on your lips like it is supposed to? I would say yes and no. My lipstick by the end of the night has definitely worn off not so that theres no lipstick left on my lips but that you probably need to re-apply. With Erre Due lip matte glosses i never had to re apply and the colour never came off . 

Im really suprised that a product i have grown up with hearing great words about and that has won such great awards did not do the job for me. Maybe it was a bad batch...??? 
Have you girls tried it ? If so whats your thoughts on it...


  1. I want the Erre Due lip matte glosses now!

  2. Thanks for this post, honestly I've heard so many things about this product that I was thinking of getting it. I was a bit reluctant, though, and you've helped me a lot. ;)