Saturday, 10 May 2014

My foundation , concealer and primer collection.

So just before Easter i went through all of my makeup and sorted it out and organised it so its better stored. Sometimes when you dont store your makeup well you tend to forget what you actually have and go buy more when really you dont need any more stuff. The little plastic box i have this stuff in i bought from Jumbo in Greece a couple of years ago and if i had the chance i would buy a lot more.

In this plastic container i have decided that i will store my foundation , my primers and my concealers. I have put a plastic bag from the supermarket underneath to keep the box tidy and clean at all times. My favourite foundation as you can probably tell is Loreal Nutri Lift Gold in Sand Sable. It provides my skin great coverage that is not too cakey and the colour matches my skin perfectly. 

The lighter foundations i have such as BB creams and tint creams i tend to use during summer when i get a tan on my face and really dont need that much coverage. Lets be honest whose skin isnt more perfect during summer ?! 

I have a wide range of concealers some being liquid and others being solid concealers. I also store a few highlighters i have and of course the start of my box is my YSL Touche Eclat this stuff really makes my eyes have that pop and that touch up. 

How do you store your foundations? Which is your favourite ?


  1. πως δεν σε ανακάλυψα τόσο καιρό? υπέροχο blog!
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  2. thank you for your kind words :) xo